Primary Ph.D. Advisees

Joshua Gill (2019) is currently working on productive efficiency of farmers in Pakistan. His research interests include total factor productivity, technology adoption, input markets, and sustainability. 



Godwin Debrah (2017 Placement:  Grand Valley State University) 

Joseph Goeb (2017 Placement:  Ford Motor Company)

*Sarah Kopper (2018 Placement:  JPAL)

*Aissatou Ouedraogo (2017 Placement:  Tufts University Post-doctoral Fellowship)

*Ashesh Prasann (2016 Placement: Young Professional's Program-World Bank)

Sangwha Shin, External Member Economics (2014 Placement:  Korea Institute of Public Finance)



Eleanor Turner (2013 Placement:  UC-Berkley CEGA)

Thelma Namonje (2014 Placement:  Indaba Agricultural Policy Research Institute, Zambia)

Kendra Levine (2015 Placement:  McDonald's Corporate)

Joshua Gill (2015 Placement:  MSU AFRE Ph.D. program)

Saidah Bakar (2016 Placement:  Tanzania Ministry of Health)

Christopher Root (2017 Placement:  USAID subcontractor)

Elizabeth Ndaba (2018 Placement:  Ministry of Health, Tanzania (Food Science and Human Nutrition))

*Committee Chair

Other Students whom I advise


Clement Kubuga (Food Science and Human Nutrition)

Sabrina Perlman (Anthropology)